Body Awareness

Several articles have been published and tips given on how to perform body awareness. What I want to do here is underline the importance of bringing our attention to our own experience of body awareness.

We can do that by reflecting on these questions:

  • How does this event, feeling, and/or experience feel in our body?
  • How can we describe – to ourselves or to someone we trust – the feelings and sensations we are experiencing at this moment?
  • Does one side of our body feels different than the other side (right vs left; upper vs lower)
  • Are we connected with our breath now? How?
  • The effect of gravity on our body (feeling light, heavy, etc.)
  • The experience of space within our body compared to the space outside
  • What’s the story that our body wants to tell us, is telling us, or has already told us?
  • Which part(s) of our body feels comfort or discomfort or any other sensation?
  • To which part of our body are we connecting with right now?

Reflecting on some or all these questions could help us prepare to do our yoga session by making us aware of where we are right now in our body, our feelings and our thoughts.

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